I’m back with your next free Great Resource.

Over the years so many of you have asked me questions about how to create products. So today’s Great Resource should be a jackpot for many of you.

It’s a manual titled “99 Free Product Creation Tools”. It’s a .pdf document and it’s fairly large – about 17 megs.

It’s loaded with powerful, free tools that will help you produce great products, which you can then send out press releases about and start generating sales.

You can get it – free of course – at:


Before I go I want to remind those of you who are members of my publicity membership site –


that there is a full video course on Internet Marketing right there for you to watch. It covers everything from creating a product, to setting up a website, generating traffic, making sales, etc.

To watch the series, log in to the member site, then click on the “Marketing Videos” link along the top menu bar.
Then scroll down to “Internet Marketing Uncut” and you’ll find the whole series right there.

This is only one of the video training series available to members of PublicityMadeEasy.com

If you’re not a member but you’d like to take a look around the member site, you can do that for just $1.


OK, that’s it for today. I’ll be back with another Great Resource for you.


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  1. Jim Warner Says:

    Paul, This one set of free resources has saved me hours of research looking for the methods and websites to use for product creation. This is the type of information everyone else charges big bucks for, and you give it away for FREE! WOW, what a guy… You are incredible. Thanks for the tools to move me to financial independence in these uncertian times. Anyone who does not check your Blog regularly is not trying to succeed.

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