Today I have another gift for you. It’s an MP3 recording of an interview I did with Charlie Cook about some stealth techniques for getting publicity, coming up with story ideas and headlines and loads more.

You can download it free (no sign up necessary) by going to:

Click on the “Teleseminars” link along the top menu bar. Then click on “Replays of Past Teleseminars”.

When you get to the page with the past teleseminars, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find my interview with Charlie. I just posted it yesterday.

This isn’t a thinly disguised sales pitch for my products and services. In fact, nothing at all is sold during this interview.

It’s just an hour of solid, put-into-action-right-away information.

Enjoy it and profit from it. I’ll have something new for you next time.


P.S. – Several of you have asked me to recommend some of the people offering their services on

As I probably mentioned before, like most freelance sites, the people offering their services can be quirky. They come and go. Probably 30% of the people I hire on Fiverr never reply. My $5 is automatically refunded, so nothing is lost.

If you’re going to use freelancers, you’ve got to be prepared for the flake factor. But when you get some good people, they’re worth their weight in ipods.

So, I hesitate to recommend anyone on Fiverr because if they’re no longer offering their service I’ll be getting emails from you asking for another recommendation. Then it becomes “No good deed goes unpunished” for me.

But here are some guidelines:

1) check out the person’s feedback comments from other people who’ve hired them. I always leave comments for people I’ve hired and who’ve done a good job.

2) ask questions before you hire them to be sure they can do what you need and to see if they even respond to your questions.

3) keep in mind that all you have on the line is five bucks. I hire people on Fiverr with wild abandon. I’ll even hire several people to do the same job. Then I pick the one I like the best.

I’ve looked at every single job posting on Fiverr and I’ve found plenty of people offering jobs I never would have thought of (such as having people sing Happy Birthday to Mary as Elvis, Marilyn and in Chinese!).

So just have fun with Fiverr and spend your five bucks with wild abandon too!

See you next time.


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  1. Nino Cruz Says:

    Hello Paul,

    Got just one of many Publicity Updates Thanks To You – The Grand Daddy Yet!

    As a Magician/ Mentalist and Motivational Speaker – I jumped on the Opportunity to turn a Negative Story into a Positive one in Hopes That It Wouldn’t BACK – FIRE!

    I Drove a Toyota Blindfolded (Sponsored from a local car dealership) before my annual magic show!

    The Toyota Safety Stunt Got Me TONS of Publicity – US Radio and Canada, Newspapers, Magazines and even a FREE Video Shot inside the Vehicle of the stunt from the Local Paper that’s on their site and My You Tube!

    Only Problem is Not One Single Dollar from bookings Afterward! – Frustrated!!!
    But Not Giving Up. I’m using it in my Marketing material in hopes to get future bookings and still trying to see if Toyota will work with me on some sort of commercial idea, etc . . . .

    Any suggestions?

    Your Loyal Student

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