Every single day I’ve been here at the NY State Fair this week I’ve spotted free publicity lessons and press release ideas that every one of you can put to use immediately.  Let’s get to today’s lesson.

 I got to The Fair early this morning, as usual.  Sat down to a breakfast of blueberry pancackes the size of UFOs, scrambled eggs and hot decaf tea.  But you really don’t care about what I had for breakfast this morning.  You care about how you can get more publicity.  So let’s get to it.

Over breakfast this morning I was reading the Syracuse newspaper and I came across the headline:

“Try These Tips For Outfitting the Kids Without Busting the Budget”.

It was a story about buying school clothes for kids.  The story gave a bunch of tips for saving money on school clothes.  Frankly the tips were pretty lame.  But the story was on the front page of the section.  I’m certain that you could have given the readers tips that were much more valuable.  But you didn’t.  That’s why you aren’t on the front page today.

I don’t care what business you’re in.  I don’t care what product you sell.  I don’t care what service you offer.  You can provide people with tips that will help them save money – or be safer – or save time – or whatever.

Whenever you offer reporters tips they can pass on to their audiences, they will be willing to consider giving you thousands of dollars worth of free advertising.  Sweet deal!

So use this same headline as a template for your press release.  How about:

“Try These Tips For Planning a Party Without Busting the Budget”.


“Try These Tips For Taking a Luxury Vacation Without Busting the Budget”.


“Try These Tips For Redecorating Your Home Without Busting the Budget”.

Sometimes I think this is just too easy.  I have no idea why everyone isn’t doing it. (You are following my system, getting press releases out and reaping the rewards, aren’t you?)

So, you have two action steps to take today:

1 – put together your list of tips, then follow my formula for writing a press release to turn your tips into a powerful, reporter-seducing release.

2 – if you don’t already have my full publicity kit, go to http://www.MillionDollarPublicity.com and get it.  You’ve already seen how valuable my tips are.  Just imagine what you’ll learn in my full kit!

There’s still a lot of ground for me to cover at the NY State Fair.  I only have four days left to do it.  So I’m hitting the bricks.

More free publicity lessons from the NY State Fair coming up soon.

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  1. Rory Says:

    Paul –

    Thank you! I find these tips to be incredibly helpful. Seeing your mind in action with real life examples and suggestions make such a difference. Your newsletter is incredible too… But for some reason these “live” examples just nail it for me.

    Enjoy the fair!


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