The latest issue of my local newspaper was just delivered.  One story got front page coverage and over 2/3 of an entire page of free advertising.  Bet you’re thinking it must be some very important topic to get that much free space.  Must have been a powerful press release that got that jackpot.


Actually it was ridiculously basic.  It was all about fireworks safety.

“Now wait just a doggone minute, Paul.  The 4th of July is just a couple of days away.  An article about fireworks safety IS very important. “, is what you’re probably saying to yourself.

And I’d agree – if the article gave you some valuable information.

But let’s see what that story tells us – and what the press release probably talked about.   Here are some of the rules of fireworks safety:

1 – Don’t let little kids light the fireworks

2 – Don’t light fireworks when you’re drunk

3 – Use common sense

4 – Use fireworks outdoors (now that’s a good one.  Never would have thought about that myself!)

5 – Keep clear of lit fireworks

and on and on.

Did you see anything revolutionary there?  Or did you read each one of those and say “Duh!”.

Remember, that story got over 2/3 of a full page of free advertising and was on the front page – in color.

I say over and over and over – you don’t need a sexy, unique, dazzling story to get publicity.  You don’t need a “hook”.  I HATE the word “hook” when it comes to publicity.  It makes you think you need some wild story to get free publicity.


All you have to do is tell the media people what you know.  Do you know how to keep deer away from landscaping?  Do you know how to make money selling watercolor paintings?  Do you know how to do simple home repairs? Do you know what to look for when inspecting a house? Do you know how to run a profitable garage sale? Do you know how to plan a party for 20 people?

Reporters would love to hear what you have to say on these topics and thousands of others.

The most important part of this whole equation, though, is – why you are trying to get publicity.

There is only one answer – to get people to do something.

That “something” may be to buy your product, donate money, come to a seminar or whatever.

Don’t just send press releases out and get publicity for the sake of being in the newspaper or on radio.  You should always get some benefit from your publicity, otherwise it’s just wasted time spent boosting your ego.

I have a publicity coaching call coming up this Monday, July 7, for my paid newsletter subscribers .  I’m going to talk more about this on the call.

You are surrounded by publicity opportunities every day of your life.  Learn to spot them – or have someone teach you how to spot them.  Hmm, who would that someone be?  Oh yeah – me!

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