Here are the links to the final two parts of my audio coaching series:

Part 5

Part 6

I hope you’ve enjoyed the series, learned from it and will profit from it.

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  1. Robert Schwarztrauber Says:


    Thank you for providing yet another ultra-high content quality
    audio series. (Frankly, I’m surprised I don’t see more “Thank you” comments here.)

    Breaking it up into smaller, consecutive segments is a great strategy – almost guarantees that it will get listened to now. That strategy itself is a hidden treasure worth remembering/using.

    Part 3 held the most value for me, on so many levels. Getting focused on the highest level of WHY. Using your ultimate reason WHY as motivation and inspiration. Looking past what may be discomforting in the short term in order to do what’s necessary to deliver your own unique and useful message…and monetize it so you can achieve your goals.

    I’ve been driving with my eyes focused on not hitting the car in front rather than looking down the road toward my destination. No wonder my driving has been erratic! Metaphorically speaking.

    Thank you for that great FREE series.

    You’ve succeeded, once again, in leaving me wanting more “Paul”. And wanting to help your cause. I’ll be sending a donation to Aunt Mary’s Doghouse when I finish here.

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