When I do coaching calls or consultations, people often ask me when is the best time to do interviews.

Bad question.

Most people believe that the best time to do an interview is during “drive time”. Those are the hours in the morning and afternoon when people are driving to and from work.

That could be the best time.

It also could be the worst time.

For example, if your target audience is little old ladies who love to spend time in their iris gardens, drive time would probably be terrible. How many little old ladies do you think listen to the “morning zoo” shows that are popular during drive time?

The more important question is – “who is your target audience”? If you say “everyone”, you’re in trouble. You don’t have a business, you have a bad dream.

The tighter your description of your target market, the better you will do. If you know your target market is married women, 25-45, your job becomes very easy. You can simply look at the demographics of the radio or TV stations, or newspapers or magazines you are considering sending your press release to. If the demographics match your target market, you’ve got a good candidate.

So, it doesn’t matter what time your interviews are, it’s far more important who the audience is that you’ll be addressing.

Focus all your time and energy on “drive time”, which many people still believe is the best time to do interviews, and the only thing you may hear in your business is crickets if that’s not your audience.

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  1. Phillip A. Ellis Says:

    I face this whenever I send off a poem to a market. Who is reading my work, and what is the nature of that audience? Then, I find myself asking who I am to satisfy, the audience who read the literary journals, or the editors who chose the pieces based on what they believe will satisfy the audience? Working this out is usually a good step towards another acceptance.

  2. Albert Says:

    Mark Victor Hansen.. The Chicken soup soul guy.. had always said.

    NEVER turn down an interview…

    I’m guessing..he nows a few things about selling books….

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