Many people don’t try to get publicity for their business because they’re afraid they’ll get nervous during the interviews.

You won’t get nervous during your interviews – and I’ll prove it to you.

Would it be fair for me to say  that in your lifetime you’ve listened to 1,000 radio talk shows?  I think it’s fair.  Actually, I think that’s a pretty conservative number, but let’s go with it.

During those 1,000 radio talk shows, have you ever heard a nervous guest on the show?

No, you haven’t.  Neither have I.

Is that because they’re professional guests?

No, they’re just like you and me.  They’re everyday people with something to say that reporters and talk show hosts are interested in hearing.

They may know how to get rids of moles in a garden.

They may know an easy way to do spring house cleaning.

They may know 17 dinners that take less than 15 minutes to prepare.

They may know how to save money on travel.

They may know how to choose the right insurance for all of your family’s needs.

Did you notice that none of those topics are unique, or dazzling or sexy?  You don’t need a unique “hook” to get reporters interested.  In fact, I hate the word hook when it’s pertains to publicity.  You’ll never hear me use the word hook.  It makes you think you need a hot topic to get any publicity at all.

You don’t.  You simply have to know something the audience wants to know.

That may be how to make holiday cookies.

Or how to quickly and easily train a dog.

Or how to fix a leaky faucet.

Or how to take care of a toothache on Christmas morning when no dentist is available.

Simple topics with information the audience wants to know.

Learn how to get and use publicity for your business.  It’ll be the best skill you could possibly learn.

And the best way to learn how to get publicity is to CLICK RIGHT HERE.

Oh, back to those people who are guests on radio shows – why don’t they get nervous?  Well, they’ve learned the little secret about doing interviews.  Once you learn that secret, the interviews become a breeze with no chance of getting nervous.

What’s the secret?

Hmmm, that would make another good post on this blog, wouldn’t it?  Keep an eye out for it.

Right now, I’m going to walk my dogs – without getting a bit nervous!

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  1. Scott - ImNiche Says:

    AHHHH… I got to the end and have to wait for the next blog post to learn the secret. I’m nervously awaiting it.

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