It sure didn’t take long for me to find a story to write about here. And one that teaches an incredibly powerful lesson about free publicity.

I was just on Yahoo and saw that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is going to announce the name of her newborn son on “The View”.

Now I’m not exactly sure who Hasselbeck is aside from being on “The View”.

The astonishing thing – no, the three astonishing things are:

1) that the idea of Hasselbeck is going to “announce” the name of her son on TV

but more incredibly

2) that this is seen as a news story

and even more incredibly

3) that anyone at all cares!

Now for the very powerful publicity lesson…

What I just gave you above is an emotional response. It wasn’t a reality-based response.

The reality is that it IS a news story and people DO care. It is what it is.

So many people make emotional decisions and act on them instead of looking at the reality and acting on that.

The reality is that we have become a celebrity-obsessed society. Not just in America. All around the world.

You may not like it. I hate it. But the truth is the truth. It is what it is.

I’m focusing a lot of time on teaching my clients how to use that obsession to their best advantage in getting publicity. We’re weaving that principle into press releases, media interviews and all publicity efforts.

More on this to come.

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