Any election season, especially presidential election season, can be a jackpot of publicity opportunities for you.  Your product, service, business, etc. don’t have to have anything to do with politics in order to jump on the election bandwagon.


Follow the enormous number of stories that will come out about the candidates’ campaigns, the conventions, the election, the vice-presidential candidates, the long list of issues to come up, etc.  These stories will cover the entire spectrum of topics.  Look at each of the topics that will be discussed.  See how your story connects to the story that’s currently running.


Do you have a response to an issue brought up by one of the candidates?  Do you agree with it or disagree?


Does your product solve a problem that one of the candidates brings up?


Do you have some additional insight into one of the campaign issues?


Does your product, service, book, etc. respond, assist or dispute one or more of the issues brought up in the campaign?


Let me give you a critically important tip about trying to get publicity by jumping on the bandwagon of campaign stories.


Absolutely no one is going to be interested in hearing you bitch and moan about why either candidate is the devil walking on earth.  People who do that come off as nuts.


Yep, one of the four major ways of getting publicity is to be a nut.  But that only brings you nut publicity.  Let other people get the nut publicity.  You want publicity that’s going to present you as a well-respected, well-spoken expert in your field.


Every day there are publicity opportunities waiting at your doorstep.  But every once in a while a publicity jackpot comes along.  The election season is one long publicity jackpot waiting for you to take your share.


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