Don’t waste time with people who don’t want to do business with you.


Don’t waste time with reporters who don’t want you when you are going after publicity.


Every time I send out an issue of my ezine, I get three or four crank emails from people fuming at me.  They tell me why my ezine is terrible.  They spew profanity.  They make nonsensical threats.  They seem to live in constant anger about something.


I could not care less.  I don’t respond to them.  I simply delete them from my subscriber list and go about my day.  There’s no reason whatsoever to fret about a few people in a baseless fury telling me they want to unsubscribe.


You only have a specific amount of time every day.  Why would you want to waste a second of it trying to convince someone who doesn’t want you that they should want you?  There are so many other people out there who haven’t heard of you yet.  When they do hear about you, they’ll welcome you with open arms.


There are tens of thousands of reporters out there.  If a few of them don’t want to cover your story, move on to the next reporter.  That’s why I’m such a big fan of getting your press releases into as many qualified hands as possible.


There may be a rare occasion when you need a specific reporter to cover your story.  But the vast majority of your stories will fit well in a large number of newspapers, magazines, radio and TV shows.


Go with the numbers.  Go with the reporters who want you and your story.  Forget about the ones who don’t want you.


I read lots of business books that talk about how to salvage bad relationships.  Forget about them.  As you become more successful and your name gets around, these people will want you.


Spend your time wisely.  Go where you are wanted and reap the benefits.  Ignore the people who don’t want you.  But don’t be surprised when those people who didn’t want you later change their minds when they see how valuable you and your information are.


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