If there are many reporters at a newspaper, who do you fax your press release to?

What if there is only one fax number and lots of reporter’s names listed – all using the same fax machine?

The rule is very simple. Never fax your release to a person. Always fax to a fax machine. Here’s what I mean.

If you’re trying to promote a book on boating for senior citizens, who do you fax your release to? Is it the boating editor, the book editor, the seniors editor? Or maybe the feature editor or the lifestyle editor?

What if they all have the same fax number?

I *never* (repeat *never*) personalize my press releases. They never say something like ‘TO: Jeff Kelly, Boating Editor’ unless Jeff has specifically asked me to fax to him directly and put his name on the fax.

The reason I never fax to an individual is that I very well may make the wrong decision. In the example above, if I faxed to the boating editor and he’s not interested in the story, my release will almost certainly go in the trash.

On the other hand, if I simply fax to a fax machine, the person responsible for distributing the faxes will probably make a better decision than I as to who should get that release.

Always fax your press releases to a fax machine, not to a person.

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