If you want to increase your chances of reaching the success level you want, you should be sure to diversify your business interests.  Put your major focus and energy on one business, but keep your fingers in others as well.


For example, I focus the vast amount of my time, energy and money on my publicity business.  But I also speculate in domain names, I publish public domain works in both text and audio format and I have over 100 other websites offering a variety of products.  I also produce books, recordings, seminars, etc. in several different areas.


But again, the vast amount of my energy goes into my real winner – my publicity business.  When one of the other businesses starts generating a significant income, it gets more of my attention so that I can maximize that revenue.


There’s a lot to be said for focusing on just one thing, but if you follow the old quote and put all of your eggs in one basket, in my opinion you are playing a risk game of win-all or lose-all.


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