Do you know what a sound bite is?  It’s a brief comment, statement, etc. that grabs people, especially reporters.  It generally lasts only a few seconds but it’s very compelling.


Sound bites make the listener pay attention.  They make the listener want to know more about what you just said.  They can arouse an immediate emotion in a person.


Sound bites create action when they are spoken.


Reporters love sound bites.  They love people who are good at giving sound bites.


If you’re good at giving reporters sound bites you’ll significantly increase your chances of getting publicity.  When reporters want good comments on your topic, you’ll be the one they call, not your competitors or someone else related to your field.  They’ll call you because they know that in just a few seconds you’ll give them a tantalizing blurb they can use to grab their audience.


I’m the King of Sound Bites.  I can’t tell you how many times reporters have called me asking me for a brief comment on a topic.  I’ll give them a few words or a few sentences that will cause them to get all excited and say: “That’s fantastic!”.  The whole thing may take only a minute or two, but it results in more publicity for me.


When people hear what I have to say about the topic, they not only want to know more, they want to know more about me.


If you’re good at producing sound bites on short notice, lots of publicity opportunities will be open to you.


If you’re not good at producing sound bites, learn how right now.


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