I want to talk about “Magic Money” in this post.


Magic Money is a term I invented.  It means money that appears in people’s bank accounts magically even though they did no work.


Don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get some of that Magic Money.  It doesn’t really exist.  But from lots of claims you read on and off the Internet, many people apparently think it’s possible.


Now this is an blog about publicity.  Why would I bring up the subject of Magic Money here?  Because I want to be 100% certain that you don’t think, for even one brief second, that publicity can create Magic Money.


Can publicity create a fast, huge tide of interest in your product or service or business?  You bet.


Can publicity create a huge pile of sales for you?  Sure it can.


But it can’t create Magic Money.


In order to get that publicity and those sales and that recognition, you have to do the work.  Now I know some marketers just fainted because I mentioned the word “work”.


“You’re not supposed to tell people they have to work to achieve the results you’re telling them about”, say some marketers.


“You’re supposed to give them the magic bullet they want”, is a common chant amongst some marketers.


Sorry to disillusion you.  In order to get publicity you have to do some work.  You have to learn a reliable system.  You have to put that system into action.  You have to follow up on the responses you get.


No magic, just a solid, proven formula that works, put into action.


I give credit to publicity for many of the things in my life – my money, my “fame”, my freedom.


But make no mistake about it – I had to work to get that publicity.


The same is true of my Mentoring Program.  Several of the applications I received simply told me that the person wanted to join the Program to become instantly wealthy.


Needless to say, they didn’t get into the program.  I even put a paragraph in the letter at www.Hartunian.com/mentor that says, in big, bold letters:


“If you think there is some magic system for getting wealthy that does not involve work, you’re dreaming. I’m going to show you the system that’s worked for me. Then you are going to have to put it into action. I DO NOT want to work with anyone who believes that wealth can be achieved without work.”


So, if you read this blog in the hopes of finding a way to get Magic Money flowing into your bank account, this is the wrong blog for you.


On the other hand, if you appreciate that learning a reliable publicity formula can be an immensely powerful tool in your marketing arsenal – if you appreciate and understand that you are the one who has to put the formula into action and do the work – and if you appreciate that nothing works 100% of the time, but when you put in 100% effort, you’re going to have success, then you’re exactly the type of reader I want.


I would love to get my blog readers down to a mean, lean, hard-core group of people passionate about success.  I want everyone who reads this blog to read every post and then take action.


You can get full information about my complete publicity kit, which has helped thousands of people skyrocket their business, promote their products and literally alter their lives, at


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