I’ll bet 99% of people think that a press release does the work in getting publicity for them.


Dead wrong.


Actually, press releases only do one thing – they open the door to the media.  They get the attention of reporters, talk shows hosts, producers, etc.


Once the press release does its job – once the release gets the attention of the media people – its job is over.  It’s of virtually no more use.


So if the press release’s job is over as soon as it gets the attention of the media people, what actually is responsible for you (and everyone else) getting publicity?  What’s really pulling the heavy weight in this whole publicity thing?


It’s something called the Q&A.


Very few people know what a Q&A is.  Fewer still know how to put one together the right way.


Let’s take a look at what you need to get publicity and what each part of the system does.


First, there’s the press release.  Darned important piece of paper.  If the press release doesn’t do its job, nothing happens. The door to the media jackpot stays firmly closed.


You’ve got to know how to put together a quality press release.  It’s got to go out into the media world, knock on the doors of media people around your neighborhood or around the world and interest the media people in your story.




Once that’s done, once the reporter is interested in your story, they’re going to want to know more.  They’re going to want to know who you are.


That’s what your bio does.  It explains to the reporter who you are, what you know and why you’re qualified to do an interview.


Fine.  The reporter is now interested and he knows who you are and what you know.


But then there’s the final step.  Laying out your interview so that it goes where you want it to go.


Many people are afraid of trying to get publicity.  They’re afraid they’ll be asked questions they can’t answer.  They’ll be afraid they’ll get nervous.  They’re afraid the interview will spin out of control and they’ll look foolish.


When I first started getting publicity, I had the same concerns.  Actually, many of these fears became realities.  Interviews did spin out of control.  I was asked questions that caught me off guard.  I was nervous.


That’s why I started working on my own publicity system.  I knew there had to be a better way.


And there is a better way – if you know how to put together a great Q&A and put it to use the right way.


I’ll be spending more time talking about Q&As in the next post.  For now I want you to clearly understand that your press release is vitally important, but it doesn’t stop there.


If you’ve been writing press releases but not getting the publicity you feel you deserve, your problem could very well be your Q&A.  After all, that’s where the real power of any publicity campaign lies.  If you don’t know how to put together your Q&A the right way, you’re cooked.


Get busy on your publicity campaigns.  Thousands of reporters are waiting for your story, ready to reward you with free publicity to promote whatever it is you want to promote.


See you next time.


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