So many people try to write press releases without understanding what each part of the release is for. And almost no one knows which is the most important part.

Without a doubt, the most important part of your press release is the headline. The headline has one job and one job only, which is to FORCE the reporter to keep reading the rest of the release. If the headline doesn’t do it’s job, the rest of the press release is dead.

This morning I was looking online at MSN News and I saw the following headline:

Haunted Hotels – 8 Inns Where You Should Sleep With the Lights On

After reading that headline you have no choice – you have to read the rest of that article.

The same holds true for your press release. Your headline has to be so good, reporters have no choice but to read the rest of your release.

Here’s another headline that was on MSN News this morning:

Small Fibs, Big Consequences – 10 Dangerous Lies Women Tell Their Doctors

Once again, you have no choice. You have to read the rest of that article. The headline drew you right in.

Many people think that writing a powerful headline is a daunting task.

Not true. The secret to writing great headlines is to follow successful templates.

In my publicity kit ( I give you 289 powerful headline templates.

You can also get my headline generating software at

Every part of a press release has a very important job – the headline, the first section, the second section and the close. Be sure to learn the purpose of every section. Then follow successful templates and write your own powerful, compelling press release.

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