It’s surprising how many people forget about letters to the editor as a powerful way to get publicity for a product, service, business, etc.


Actually, that turns out to be a huge benefit for you.  Because so few people consider letters to the editor when they plan their publicity campaigns, there’s far less competition for the available space.


My Elite Mentoring Program member, Rick Raddatz, got a great write-up in Entrepreneur magazine in the Letters to the Editor section.


Could Rick have asked for anything better?  The person writing the letter praised Rick’s product, AudioGenerator.  He also gave the web address –


Entrepreneur magazine has a serious circulation.  I’ll be very interested to see how that article affected the visitor count to Rick’s website.  And then how many of those people become members.


Letters to the Editor are very flexible.  You can use them to compliment someone or their business.  You can use them to raise an important issue.  You can use them to make an announcement.  You can use them to create controversy.


Just like press releases, letters to the editor cannot simply be a blatant plug for a business, product or service.  If Rick had sent in that letter praising his own service, Entrepreneur never would have published it.


Instead, it came from a satisfied customer.


The AudioGenerator service is interesting, original and valuable to readers of Entrepreneur.  The letter came from a satisfied customer who is wrote a good letter.  Entrepreneur has every reason to publish it.


Sending Letters to the Editor can also discretely promote your own business.  Notice the letter in Entrepreneur.  The person writing about AudioGenerator signed his name to the letter – along with the name of his business.


Actually the person writing the letter could have given his own business a much better plug without any problem from entrepreneur.


Don’t pass up Letters to the Editor thinking they aren’t valuable sources of publicity.  They are actually the little-tapped goldmine that you now know about.


In the next post I’ll give you some specific examples of strategies you can use in your letters to the editor.


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