Throughout civilization we have been a credential society.

By that I mean that whenever we chose someone to deal with – for example a physician, accountant, financial planner, etc. – we would look at their credentials. Do they have the appropriate licenses, where did they go to school, were they at the top of their class, have they won awards, etc.?

Publicity had it’s role. Press agents had a very different role than today. Press releases were used, but not to the scale they’re used today.

In the 1980’s that began to change.

In the 1990’s the change was almost complete.

Today, we are no longer a credential society. We are a celebrity-obsessed society.

It makes no difference whether or not the celebrity has any training, background, experience, etc. in that field. The only thing that matters is that the person is a celebrity.

And when I say “celebrity” I’m not talking about a celebrity physician, accountant, financial planner, etc. I’m talking about the people who act on soap operas, TV reality shows, etc.

Now you may not like the idea. You may hate the idea.

That’s an emotional response. Irrelevant!

It’s today’s reality.

I’ll have an infuriating example for you next. And I’ll show you how this all pertains to free publicity, your press releases and how it affects you and your business.

Stay tuned.

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