I just finished scanning the headline news for today.  Let’s see, someone is selling a corn flake shaped like Illinois.  Halle Berry finally “revealed” the name of her baby.  A Harvard University study shows that nice guys really DO finish first.

How pathetic have we become?

Did you see the story about the Illinois-shaped corn flake?  Damned if it looks like Illinois to me!

(Hey, I have an index card shaped like Wyoming.  Maybe I should sell it on ebay.  Oh yeah, all index cards are shaped like Wyoming.  Never mind.)

An Halle Berry’s little spawn.  Oooo, the tension.  The drama.  I was on the edge of my chair for days waiting for the big announcement of what some woman I don’t know, will never meet and could care less about is going to name her child.

And that was the top headline story of the day!

I won’t even dignify Harvard University’s “study”, but don’t they have better things to do?

What’s the moral of this rant?

Reporters are so hungry for good stories that they’re having to report on corn flakes.


Pitiful for the reporters and pitiful for the people who haven’t taken the small amount of time needed to learn the right way to get publicity.

Springtime is coming.  Do you know anything about gardening, auto repair, real estate, cooking, health and fitness or any one of hundreds of other topics?  If so, springtime gives you a great opportunity to get publicity.

Want a simple example?

I went to the Agway feed store in town yesterday asking about the best way to fight grubs in my gardens.  Don’t want those pesky rascals attracting moles – those never satisfied destruction machines.  I was told there are two ways to do it.  I could use a product called GrubEx.  Or I could use a product called Milky Spore.

Which one should I use?  Which is more effective?  Which is safe for my dogs?  Which lasts longer?  Which is easier to apply?

I don’t know.

But if you are a gardener or landscaper and you know – and you know the right way to get publicity – I can just about guarantee you’ll get publicity that can drive more customers to your business and put more profits in your bank account.

“Hey, wait a minute, Paul.  I thought I needed some sexy, unique, dazzling story to get reporters interested.”

That’s one of the biggest lies perpetrated by self-interested publicity “pros”.   They want you to believe you need a dazzling story to get reporters’ attention.  Then they want to sell you their service to write the story, get the press releases out, etc.

And for that, they’ll only charge you $5,000 – A MONTH – with no guarantees.

Here’s the big “secret” to writing a great press release that’ll interest reporters:

Write about the things his audience members are interested in.

What are the readers of the daily newspaper interested in?  Saving money on gas, getting their kids into college, deciding how to hire an honest roofer, planting tulip bulbs in their gardens…and on and on and on.

Get it?

If you sit there agonizing about what unique angle you can use to get publicity, you’ll never do anything.

But if you simply write a press release  about what you know, two things will happen.

First, you’ll take action.  And as I’ve told you over and over again, nothing happens without action.  95% of success is simply doing SOMETHING.

Second, you’ll dramatically increase your chances of getting publicity.  Afterall, how much publicity do you think you’ll get if you don’t send out any press releases?

Don’t think that what you know isn’t of interest to people.  If you know how to prevent those grubs from getting into my gardens, I’m interested – and so are a lot of other people, including reporters.

Learn how to recognize all the stories you have in you right this very minute.

Learn the simple way to write press releases so they get reporters to call you.

Then learn how to convert those interviews into more business, more customers and more profits.

In my opinion, it’s the most valuable skill you’ll ever learn.

Gotta go.  I have 62 boxes of corn flakes to sort through.  Just think of the go0ldmine I’ll have if I find corn flakes shaped like each of the 50 states!  I’ll be rich!!!

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