It wasn’t long ago that it was difficult to get publicity for an eBook.  Media people didn’t see them as legitimate.


That story has changed very significantly.


Reporters now understand that eBooks can contain valuable information they can use in the stories they are producing.


They’ve been exposed to eBooks for several years now.  They’ve seen lots of the junk out there.  But they’ve also seen excellent, information-packed eBooks.


If you asked me about your chances of getting publicity for your eBook several years ago, I would have told you that it would be tough.


Now I tell people that if your eBook has solid content, your chances of getting publicity are good.


Keep in mind, though, that reporters will have no interest in simply promoting your eBook.  They’re going to be interested in the information from the eBook you can provide them with.  If you provide them will quality information, they’ll reward you with quality promotions for your eBook.


The relationship between the media and people seeking publicity is very clear.  You provide great information, they plug you, your product or your service.


You don’t get paid for the interview, but you also don’t pay for the free advertising you’ll be getting.


Nice relationship, eh?


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