I’ve always been fascinated by people who get publicity simply by renaming something that’s very common.


For example, I was listening to the radio and I heard someone talking about people who “suffer from SLI”.  I’ve been in the medical field all my life.  I’ve never heard of SLI.


Well, it turns out that SLI is a term invented by the person being interviewed to help promote his product.


SLI stands for Sexual Longevity Issues.


Now there are lots of common terms for this situation.  These terms have been around since the beginning of time.


But if this person wanted to be interviewed on the topic and he used one of the common terms, he may or may not get coverage.  But he’s a sharp promoter.  He knew that if he came up with a new term, it would draw far more attention from the media.  And he was right.


Whenever I do coaching, consulting, speaking, etc. about publicity, I always recommend that people come up with a benefit- oriented title for themselves.  A title that clearly describes what they do.  A title that makes people want to know more.


For example, if you’re an accountant specializing is helping people with their IRS audits, do you think people would find it fascinating if you simply said you are an accountant?  I doubt it.


Or would people find you much more interesting if you said you were a specialist in stopping IRS audits dead in their tracks?


Would people be more interested in a lawyer, or in a specialist in eliminating nagging debt once and for all?


Get the idea?


As I always insist, though, you must represent yourself accurately and truthfully.


The more interesting you are, the more interested the media will be in you.


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