What the heck is going on with the real estate folks who offer to sell your home for a 2% commission?  We all know that the commission is typically 6%, not 2%.  So why would any real estate agency offer to cut their commission by over 66%?


Well, there’s a whole lot more to that story than meets the eye. And that’s where great publicity opportunities pop up, regardless of whether or not you’re in the real estate business or even if you’re selling your home.  Let’s take a look.


If you ARE in the real estate business and you’re not getting publicity focusing on this 2% commission deal, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.


First, if you’re NOT one of the people offering the 2% commission, you have a fantastic opportunity to send out press releases talking about the problems and dangers with the 2% commission for both buyer and seller.  The media people would eat up information like that.




When I drive around my neighborhood, I see lots of the 2% commission signs.  I’ve always wondered how they could do it.  I recently found out.  That’s when I saw the fantastic publicity opportunities.


If you ARE one of the people offering to sell homes for a 2% commission, you should be sending out press releases talking about why it’s such a great deal for both buyer and seller, why the problems are being exaggerated by the competition, why home owners could be throwing away money using a full commission broker, etc.


I’ve told you many times that one of the best ways to get publicity is through controversy.  This whole 2% real estate commission deal is a perfect controversy!  If you’re in the real estate business, why aren’t you taking advantage of it???


And if you’re not in the real estate business, how can you benefit from this example?


What controversies are there in your field?  EVERY business field has controversy.  Every single one of them.  What’s the controversy in your field?


Send out press releases explaining your views of the controversy.  If you’d really like to have some fun and boost your publicity opportunities enormously, get someone who has the opposite view on your controversy.  Offer that person to the media as “the other side of the story”.  Reporters will always want the other side of the story.  Not only are you giving them a solid explanation of your side of the controversy, you’re even providing the opposing view.


The reporters will love you!


I say it over and over and over again.  You are surrounded by an ocean of publicity opportunities every day of your life.  The question is, are you going to sink or swim?


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