All around you you’re hearing the incessant whining about how bad things are and how they’re going to get worse. I agree. They are bad and they are going to get worse. But if you’re prepared, if you’ve learned how to respond in times like this, you’re going to thrive. In fact, you’re going to see that this is going to be one of the greatest periods of opportunity in your life.

But let’s take a look at that bad news.

I was scanning Yahoo News the other day and I saw a news headline that read:

“As Economy Sags, Faces Do Too, Cosmetic Docs Say” 

 You can read the article at

You’ll see that this article is just about a bunch of whining, hand-wringing cosmetic surgeons who’ve seen a drop in business.

How sorry do you feel for these guys?  Yeah, me too.

If I was a cosmetic surgeon, I’d have read that story and immediately put together my own press release talking about how to take care of your looks on a tight budget. In my press release I’d talk about various options that people have to revitalize their face, hands, etc.

I’d have an “Ask the Expert” telephone number in my press release where people could call my office and ask questions, free of charge, with no sales pitch.

I’d put together a Consumer Guide to Cosmetic Procedures” report that I’d give away free. I’d also post it on my website. I’d send out press releases both on and offline, talking about the options, talking about my Consumer Guide, talking about what people can do if money is tight but they still want to maintain their good looks.

Did you read the part of the story where Dr. Jim Matas whines about the $100,000 mortgage he had to take out on his home to “plushly renovate his condo-office”? My heart is breaking for you, pal. Did you bother to take a couple of hours to prepare for a downturn like this? Maybe by learning how to get and use free publicity? Hmmmmm?

As the economy gets worse – and it will – the whining will grow louder. It’ll come from people who blame the mortgage brokers, the banks, the government, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, every Republican who ever held office since Abraham Lincoln, fate, their parents, the wealthy and anybody else they can think of.

But not for one second will they admit that they floated in the gravy boat of good times, blissful and ignorant. They won’t admit that they did absolutely nothing to prepare for what was staring them in the face, clear as day.

Look at the bad news as it comes out. Don’t invest your emotions in the bad news. Instead, think of how you can turn that bad news into opportunity for you.

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  1. Alan Tutt Says:

    I agree with you 100%, Paul. The economy is neither good nor bad, it’s just a condition to deal with. The fact that many people believe the economy is bad is just one more example of a news story that anyone can use to generate publicity.

    As you say in your course, take a piece of news that’s getting coverage, and create a story about how your business solves a problem related to that news. The bigger the problem, the bigger the payoff, as long as you have a viable solution that works, and is considered by your market to be fairly priced.

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