It’s no secret that the financial markets in the US and around the world have taken a beating.  As I write this, 5 minutes before the US stock market is to open, indications are that the beating will continue.

In times like this, most people see problems.  They withdraw in fear.  They become ultra-conservative in financial and other affairs.  They see the doom and gloom.

I agree that the financial picture looks pretty bleak for the time being – and for some time into the future.  But I also see incredible publicity opportunities for you.

So many people are narrow in their thinking about publicity.  For example, in this current situation, most people think that the only stories that have a chance of getting publicity are stories related to finance, investment and the stock market.

Absolutely untrue.  I’ll give you some example of stories that could be tied to the falling financial markets.

If you are in the jewelry business, you may see a drop-off in the purchases of engagement rings.  You can send out a press release talking about how the falling markets are affecting marriages.

If you’re in the carpet cleaning business, you may see fewer people calling you to clean their carpets because of the economy.  You could send out a press release talking about how the falling markets are affecting the health of home owners who don’t have their carpets cleaned often enough.

If you’re a dentist, you could talk about how the failing economy is affecting people’s dental health.  As a bonus, you could also talk about how the failing economy could increase the risk of heart attacks.  Studies clearly show that poor dental health increases the risk of heart attacks.

If you’re in the business of selling and repairing bicycles, you could talk about how the failing economy and rising gas costs are helping many people improve their health, since they’re riding their bikes more often instead of driving.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can only send out press releases directly related to your business.  On the surface it appears that the falling stock markets have nothing to do with jewely, carpet cleaning, dentistry or bicycles.  But I just proved that’s not correct.  They’re all very directly related to the stock market.

Take advantage of every publicity opportunity available to you.  My guess is that today alone you’ll have over a dozen publicity opportunities staring you right in the face.  That’s a dozen opportunities for tens or hundreds of thousands of people to find out about you and your business and become customers.  And you can get it all for free, if you know how to take advantage of the publicity opportunities that you have every single day of your life.

If you need more information about how to take advantage of these opportunities, go to

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I’ll be live on the call, answering your questions, helping you see the publicity opportunities available to you, helping you plan your publicity campaigns, etc.

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I’ll be posting here again soon.  I have to go now.  I hear publicity opportunities knocking on my door.

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  1. PFrederick Says:

    Hi Paul,

    And what if one is in the business
    of writing press releases for small
    business owners, artists, writers, and
    not-for-profits who don’t want to learn
    how to write press releases for themselves?

    Is it a stretch to say that because of
    the economy less people will come to me
    to write their press releases and if that is
    the case then there will be less exposure for
    the products, service, and/or cause?

  2. Paul Hartunian Says:

    Actually, just the opposite should be true. As the economy weakens, many business owners cut back on the amount of money they spend – or have available to spend – on paid advertising. This is when they really need people such as you.

    A good publicist should be able to turn a relatively small amount of money into a much larger amount of publicity, or “free advertising”.

  3. PFrederick Says:

    I see. My mind is turning as to what kind of
    press release I should put out there to market
    my services while piggybacking on the stock market
    falling news. Thank you, Paul.

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