Richard Layman and Wendy Guenther both brought up similar topics I want to address.  Richard wants to know about the risk of offending people by doing controversial things like name an ice cream flavor Iraqi Road (which I mentioned in an earlier issue).


Wendy brought my attention to a controversial issue that made the news.  A potential juror in a British Court was dismissed for wearing a T shirt from French Connection UK with it’s FCUK logo.  French Connection has benefited tremendously by taking the controversial action of creating that logo.


In my opinion (and in my life) when you constantly worry about offending people, you sacrifice your life to every one of the 5 billion people on this planet.  It’s just not possible to avoid offending people.  Some people spend their entire day just looking for things to offend them.  If necessary, they’ll even make up a reason to be offended.


Reporters love controversy.  It’s one of the most powerful ways to getting publicity.  But there are risks involved.


Don’t take a controversial or offensive position simply to get publicity.  It’ll bite you hard and cause you more problems than you want.


Don’t take controversial, potentially offensive positions if you are too thin-skinned to put up with the possible reactions.


Only take a controversial position if you truly believe it and support it.


Several years ago when I was promoting my book “How to Be Outrageously Successful With the Opposite Sex” I sent out a press release with the headline:


   “Sex Book Expert Tells Women to Wise Up and Stop Whining!”


The point of my story was that I know exactly how single women can get an endless parade of dates with men they’re interested in.  It’s easy and incredibly effective.


But they don’t do it.  Instead, they moan about how they’re alone.  Makes no sense to me!


That press release got a fast and furious response from the media, especially from women reporters.  But, when they heard the details of my story, they changed their tune and booked me for an interview.  The honest ones even told me that what I was saying was right!


Some people cater to others because they want their money.  They live in fear of offending people and losing their money.  So they’ll listen to things that truly irritate them and say nothing.  They’ll deal with customers who should have been tossed long ago.  They’ll even say they agree with things they find repulsive – all for the fear of losing money.


Now some of you may want to avoid offending people out of respect.  That’s fine and I certainly agree.


But many (most?) people live in fear of offending people because of what they’ll lose.  Most often that is money.


If you truly believe in something and you’re willing to deal with any negative reaction that may result from your stand, controversy can be an excellent way to get publicity, customers and respect.


If you are concerned about offending people, don’t want to deal with the reaction to controversy or just don’t feel the need to enter or start a controversy, this clearly isn’t the way for you to go.


Controversy is risky, but it can have huge benefits.  Do you use it or not?


That’s got to be your decision.


This reminds me of one of my favorite sayings – “When you live in fear you die a thousand deaths.  When you live in confidence, you die just one.”


And talk about offending people, be sure to read my next post.  I bet I’ll offend a bunch of you and cause you to stop reading this blog!  But I’ll bet the vast majority of you don’t stop reading and become more dedicated subscribers.


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