I recently spoke at a seminar for tax professionals.  One woman in the audience told me that she sent press releases out to the media all throughout the year, but media people only called for interviews right before April 15.  She asked what the problem was.


The answer was simple.  She was not making her releases compelling enough for the media people to call for interviews the other 11 months of the year.  My guess was that her releases were very general.  They were probably about general tax issues.




Instead, if she sent out a release with the headline:


“The 6 Things Taxpayers Must Do In January To Get A Bigger Tax Refund”


She would now be giving media people a reason to call in January.  This can be done for every month of the year.


The lesson here – if you have a general topic that is popular only one time of the year, you have to be giving the media people compelling reasons to call for interviews throughout the year.


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