If you’ve been following the news you’ve seen that several chefs and restaurants are coming up with extravagantly expensive entrees and desserts.  They’re doing this just to get publicity.


Just today I see that someone came up with a $25,000 dessert.  Supposed to be the most expensive dessert in the world.


Let me tell you why that’s a bad publicity strategy.


A couple of years ago a restaurant offered what they called the world’s most expensive hamburger.  If I recall, it cost $47.


It made huge news all around the world.


Since then a long list of expensive meals have come across reporters desks.


A few of them have made a little bit of news, but most of them have bombed.




It was old news.


The $47 hamburger was new.  It was extravagant.  It was an exciting story.


But there are two other reasons it made such huge news and the others didn’t:


1 – the $47 hamburger was the first of it’s kind

2 – it actually sold.  Lots of people bought (and still buy) that pricey burger


If you’ve followed the other high-priced-food stories you’ll find that none of them have sold even one.  So, when reporters followed up on those stories, they had nothing to report aside from the fact that they didn’t sell.


Not much of a story for the reporter – and the restaurant looked foolish.


The same thing happened with the million pixel web page story.


When that college student in England came up with the idea of selling one million pixels on a web page for $1 each it was new.  It was the first of it’s kind.  It made huge news and all 1 million of the pixels sold out.


Thousands of people tried to repeat the same idea.  They all bombed.  It was old news.


People are constantly telling me how they are going to get huge publicity by repeating what has already been done.


Bad idea.


If you’re a subscriber to my paid, paper and ink newsletter you’ve read so many interesting and very simple ideas that have gotten huge publicity.


On our coaching calls we talk almost endlessly about fresh ideas for publicity.


Trying to jump on the coattails of a success story will rarely get you anything but wasted time and effort.


Reporters jump on fresh, new stories.  They barely glance at repeaters.


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