It’s been a while since I’ve written a new article.


No, I’m not working on a new project or product.  Truth is I’ve been floating in my pool, spending loads of time with my dogs, reading by my pond, going to minor league baseball games and completely enjoying life.


How about you?  Are you completely enjoying life or are you still hunting for the magic formula?  For years I’ve told you there is no magic formula.  The entire “secret” is:


1 – choose a business idea to try

2 – completely focus on learning what you need to know to get this business up and running

3 – take action


The place where so many people go wrong in this formula is…well, it’s steps 1, 2 and 3.


They may claim they can’t think of a business idea to try.  Aw, mule muffins.  I can’t stop thinking of ideas to try.  I wish I had sixteen lives to work on them all.


I don’t think it’s that people can’t think of ideas.  I think it’s that they come up with a list of reasons the idea won’t work, even before they try.  There are stacks of books full of business ideas.  The Internet is loaded with them.  Ideas and opportunity are all around you every minute of every day of your life!


Then comes step 2.  This step separates the men from the boys.




It’s where the vast majority of people stumble and fall.  They can’t focus.


Earlier I told you I’m having another publicity coaching call on August 19.  There are people who’ve been on these calls for years, but they still haven’t written even one press release.


It’s not that my system doesn’t work.  Of course it works.  It’s been around for over 20 years and has a long list of huge successes.


The problem is that as soon as these people get off my call, they get on the next person’s teleseminar or coaching call and then the next person’s and the next and the next.  They’re scattered all over the place.  They salivate every time they get an email talking about the newest, “greatest” way to hit it big.  And, instead of focusing on one thing and working it until it produces results, they run here, there, up, down and all over the place chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Unfortunately, rainbows only last a very short time.  Then they disappear.


So, the person selling you the newest miracle way of getting rich did get rich.  But you got poorer.


Did I hit it big and get rich?  You bet I did.  But it’s not because I kept chasing rainbows.


Now don’t get me wrong.  I continue to invest in my education.  This month alone I spent many thousands of dollars on other people’s products.  But NOT because I want to establish a new business or try some new scheme.  I buy other people’s products because I know they’ll help me build and improve my publicity business.


I bought a full day of consulting from one marketing “guru” I have a great deal of respect for.  I know my investment will be returned to me many, many times over.


And then, finally, there’s step 3 – taking action.  Once again, this is a huge pothole on the road to success for most people.


I’m going to reveal a little secret to you.


Yes, I’ve been enormously successful in business.  I’ve made a fortune and I’ve helped a long list of other people become wealthy as well.


But there’s one place I’ve failed.


For most of my life I’ve wanted to be in a classic rock band.  I play a bunch of instruments, but I don’t play them well enough to make the cut.


Why not?


I failed over and over again on steps 2 and 3.  I haven’t focused enough time to practicing and I haven’t taken enough action to get the band up and running.


So don’t think that I have a flawless life.  Far from it.  But I do have a life that 99% of the people alive today would envy.


It’s all available to you.  Just pick an idea to try, focus and take action.


You can get full information about my complete publicity kit, which has helped thousands of people skyrocket their business, promote their products and literally alter their lives, at


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