Only a very small percentage of people will be called up to the “big leagues”. Will you be one of them? Will you know how to recognize the call and how to act on it?

Last night Mary and I got to talking about people who are doing good work in a particular area, be it marketing, publicity, dog rescue or whatever. Many years may go by. Or maybe just a few months.

Then they get the call to the big leagues.

The “big leagues” may mean a whole lot more money. Or a ton of fame and other recognition. And it comes in enormous proportions, very quickly.

I got called up to the big leagues in 1995. I had been doing publicity work since 1983. Then, in 1995 the fuse was lit on my Saturn 5 rocket. My income went crazy. My name spread around the world. Speaking engagements were coming my way faster than I could accept them.

Why did this happen? Who knows. More importantly, who cares.

It happened.

The most important thing is that I recognized that I was being called up to the big leagues and I answered the call.

Only a small percentage of people get called up. My estimate is that about 2% of people in any field get “the call”.

Sadly, many of these people either don’t recognize the call – or they don’t act on it.

Mary and I were talking about the call because right now she’s being called up to the big leagues in the dog rescue world. She’s on the doorstep of enormous fame and influence in the dog rescue world. This is what she’s been dreaming of all her life. Now, here it is. She has to decide if she’s willing to act on it.

Opportunities are going to open up for her. Nationwide – and perhaps worldwide – recognition is hers for the taking. All she has to do is act on it.

So how about you. Have you already been called up to the big leagues? Did you recognize it? Did you grab the opportunity when it presented itself?

If you haven’t been called up yet, will you recognize it when – and if – it comes? Will you act on it? Will you take full advantage of the opportunites that will come your way?

Remember, only a very small percentage of people will ever get the call.

If you’ve been working as a file clerk in an insurance office for the past 12 years, you’re not getting the call. So don’t waste any time listening for it.

But if you’ve been moving forward in your business or field. If you’ve been trying different things to get ahead. If you’ve stayed on top of developments in your business or field. If you have a bigger vision of success beyond simply making more money – keep listening. You could get the call any day now.

Don’t worry, when the call comes, you’ll know it. Don’t let it slip by. It won’t keep cruising around the block waiting for you to hop on. It’ll move on to the next person, waiting to see if he’ll jump on.

If you go through your entire life without getting the call, I truly feel sorry for you. In my opinion, getting the call, acting on it and using the perks of “the call” to accomplish more in life than you every thought possible are all the very reasons you’re alive.

When I got the call, I quickly realized that all that money was coming at me for a reason. It wasn’t simply to buy more cars, more homes, more jewelry. It didn’t take me long to realize that some of the money was mine to have fun with. But the majority of it was to be used to make an impact on the world.

My choice was to use the money to make big changes in the lives of abused and abandoned dogs.  I’ve already dedicated millions of dollars to rescue and animal welfare efforts.  Millions more are to come.

What are you going to do with the money that comes your way when you answer the call?

Better give that some thought. The call could come at any time.

OK, in my last posting I told you I probably wouldn’t post for another week while I was on business in Las Vegas. I found a few minutes before going to the airport to write this last post. Now I’ve really got to go.

Hey wait a minute. Do you hear something? Does it sound like the big league calling? For your sake, I hope it is.

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