I have no idea whether we’re in a second recession, about to go into one or coming out of one. And neither do the economists or anyone else for that matter.

Let’s assume, though, that we are being affected by a second recession in some form. This, then, becomes one of the greatest opportunities for your business to explode. Sounds strange but true.

When business owners face economic hard times, the *vast* majority of them (my guess is 98% of them) do the turtle routine. They tuck their heads in and hope their shells are strong enough to protect them from whatever’s going on outside.

It never is.

The turtles cut back on advertising and marketing. Their reasoning is “I’m not making as much money, so I’ve got to cut back.” That cutting back reduces sales even more…and so on until extinction.

Smart marketers, though, see their opportunity. They know that their competition is waving the white flag and praying for the best.

Smart marketers take every advantage they can find. They may have reduced income as well, but they become razor-sharp stealth marketers.

That’s where publicity comes in.

When you know how to use publicity to promote your business, you can continue your marketing without spending one thin dime.

Your competition doesn’t know what to do. They’re too busy tucking their heads in their shells. They never bothered to learn how to use publicity. They came up with a whole list of reasons for not learning about publicity.

Some of them even became somewhat arrogant during the boom times. They thought they’d never end. They thought they were marketing geniuses, because their business was doing well.

Anyone can make a fortune in good economic times. That doesn’t take any skill.

It’s rough economic times that bring out the best marketers.

Right now is one of the greatest opportunities in our lifetimes to explode our businesses and reap phenomenal profits…while others pray and wait.

Publicity shines the brightest in times like these. It’s low/no cost and it’s incredible power are waiting to be put to use.

So, are you a turtle? Are you making excuses for why your business isn’t doing well? Or why you’ve got to cut down on expenses?

Or are you an eagle, using publicity the way it should be used and watching your business soar?

I’m headed for two glorious weeks at the NY State Fair. As I always do, I’ll probably post some publicity tips I see at The Fair – that’s publicity in action.

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