A restaurant owner in New York wanted to increase his
business.  He wanted to get the most bang for his buck, so
he decided to use publicity.  (Smart man!)

What he did was very simple.  He named each of his tables
after a well-known person in the New York area. Quite a
few of the tables were named after key people in the New
York media.  (Pretty brilliant, eh?)

For example, he named tables after several of the popular
radio talk show hosts in New York.  He let the people know
about the “honor”…and he let the media know as well.

Of course, the talk show hosts announced the honor (and the
name of the restaurant) on their shows…often many times.

Every time the owner named another table, he sent out
another blitz of news releases.  And each time he did a
media blitz, he got more publicity for his restaurant.
Since many of the people honored with a table were part of
the New York media, the story was picked up all over town.

You may not own a restaurant, but you may have something
else you can name after various people in your community
or even around your country.  Or you may have some other
honor you can bestow on these people.

People love to be honored.  The media loves to run stories
of people being honored.  If you bestow the honor, you’ll
also share in the publicity…and your business will grow.

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  1. Andy Moose Says:


    Say, You could do this with just about ANY kind of biz.

    Thanks for the Great Tip!

  2. BlogMoneyMania Says:

    That is a cool way to get some publicity. Connect to famous people in some way.

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