Last time I was talking about taped radio interviews and their value.  I said I’d tell you a funny, embarrassing and informative story about taped interviews.  Here goes.


Years ago I did a taped radio interview.  I was told that the interview was going to be aired the following Saturday at 7PM.


By curious luck I had a date with a woman that Saturday.  It was going to be our first date.  I saw a great opportunity.


I arranged to pick her up at 6:45 PM.  As we were driving, I kept an eye on the time.  A minute or two before 7 PM I casually turned on the car radio to the station that was going to air my interview.  I knew this was going to be a major, impressive hit with my new date.

The show started, the announcer said “And my guest today is nationally known and respected expert, Paul Hartunian”.


I tuned to my date with a gloating smirk on my face.  She, in turn, turned to me with a look of disgust on her face and said: “So do you think you’re cool?”.


End of date.  End of relationship.  End of the moment of glory.


Oh well.


But there is major value to both the taped and live interviews you do.  They become incredibly powerful marketing tools for you and your business.  Be sure to make a high-quality recording of the interview.  Make copies of the recording.   Then be certain that every customer and prospect has access to that recording.


You can give the recording away for free.  You can charge a very small shipping fee for the CD.  Or you can have it digitized and post it on your website.  You’ll see I’ve done this on my website  I’ve had videos of a few of my television interviews digitized and put on my site.


These recordings are invaluable.


Think of the major boost in credibility you’ll get by being on radio or TV.  Remember that one of the major benefits of being interviewed by the media is that you get instant credibility.  You get the implied endorsement of the media.


When people hear you being interviewed on the radio, they instantly respect you as an authority in your field.  After all, if you weren’t an authority, why would you be interviewed on the station?


Make copies of all radio and TV interviews.  Make copies of all of your newspaper and magazine interviews.  They instantly, easily and in-expensively become some of your most potent marketing tools.


Insert copies of articles about you in your mailings.  Post them in your store window or on the wall of your office.  Blow them up to poster size and put them in your waiting room.  Digitize copies of the articles and post them on your website.


Just because your interview is over doesn’t mean the value of that interview is also over.  I’m still using copies of interviews I did over 10 years ago as marketing pieces.  They all have incredible power to draw in new customers and to keep old customers interested in you and what you have to offer.


Publicity keeps paying dividends over and over for the rest of your life!


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