I just put together a great publicity resource for you – best of all, it’s all yours…free.  Not a penny to use.

The site is:


There are over 100 publicity tips you can put into action right away.  Every time you click the link on the page, a new tip pops up.

Very cool!

I’m going to keep adding more and more tips to the database.  I’d love to get it over 1,000 tips.  So, if you have any tips you’d like to add to the list, send them on to me at Paul@Hartunian.com.  I can’t promise to use all of the tips sent to me, but I’ll pick the best of the best and add them to the site.

Along with the tips I’ve included a list of lots of other publicity resources, all designed to help you get the maximum amount of publicity for your products and services.

I’m working on another site for you – again, no cost to use it.  I’ll let you know about it when it’s ready to go.

For now, though, go to:


and starting putting the tips into action.

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  1. Ed Weinsberg Says:

    Hi, Paul,

    Your p-r tips are great. If you didn’t mention this one, perhaps you might share it with the other who subscribe to your site: It’s essential for each aspiring author and others to freely offer to comment on leading blogs and websites in an area of expertise; better yet offer to write a free guest article or column. That should do a lot for your SEO.

    Rabbi Ed Weinsberg (www.ConquerProstateCancer.com)

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