Got an email from my good friend and expert collectibles appraiser Brian Kathenes ( Brian’s son Tyler just became an Eagle Scout.

Before Tyler’s Eagle award ceremony, Brian contacted a number of notable people, asking them to send congratulations to Tyler. Lots of them did! Brian gave the letters to Tyler at the awards ceremony.

Now Brian wants to send out a press release about the award. He came up with two headlines:

“Tyler Kathenes Earns Eagle Scout Rank”


“Local Eagle Scout Receives Accolades From Bush, Obama and Biden”

Which one would you go with?

Example #1 is a perfect example of my “Who Cares” rule. To be very blunt, who cares that Tyler became an Eagle Scout? Does the average person who doesn’t know Tyler, or who isn’t an Eagle Scout care?  No.

But how about that second headline. Do you think the average person would be interested in and/or curious about that?

You bet! They’d want to know who this Eagle Scout is. How does he rate getting congratulations from the president and vice-president? This must be some important Eagle Scout!

They would want to read the story.

That’s what a great headline does. It’s forces the reporters to keep reading the press release.

I’ll repeat my well-worn statement:

Nobody Cares About You!

Yeah, I know that’s cold and hard, but the truth’s the truth.

Heck, nobody cares about me! You don’t care about me. What you care about is what I can do for you. That’s why you keep reading this ezine.

The only thing *anyone* cares about is what you and I can do for them.

The only thing reporters care about is what you can do for them.

And what you CAN do for them is give them great stories. The story of Tyler Kathenes getting congratulations from so many notable people is a great story.

Little do they know that the REAL great story is what it takes to become an Eagle Scout. But it’s much easier to just give the reporters what they want. If you do that, the reporters will do what you want – they’ll promote  your business for you.

Congratulations, Tyler. Welcome to the Brotherhood of Eagle Scouts. We’re honored to have you join us.

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  1. Note Taking Nerd Says:

    Once again Paul, a winning example of breathing life into a frankenstein of an event in the eyes of the press.

    It is too bad that the first headline couldn’t make it on it’s own. Hell, a kid that earns his Eagle will probably grow up to do more to help our economy than any politician ever could.

    Keep up the great work Paul.

    Note Taking Nerd Numba 2

  2. Brian Kathenes Says:

    Thanks Paul,

    I learned it from you and your publicity kit!

    FYI: Tyler was in made four papers and has
    been asked to do two radio interviews. Go figure!

    Brian Kathenes
    (the proud Dad)

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