Imagine being on the front page of 28 newspapers all at once – all on the same day.  Must be the president, or the Pope or some hot movie star, right?

Nope.  It’s my Million Dollar Publicity Superstar Danie Baptiste.  Just got the email from her telling me the good news.

A few weeks ago I did a phone consultation with Danie.  It was one of my favorite consultations of all time.  Not only was Danie full of energy, she was determined to be successful at getting publicity.  She wasn’t going to let anything get in her way.

She learned my publicity system, she asked questions about her specific project – and then she took action.

Hey, there’s that word again – action!  Nothing happens without action.  But you already knew that.

Danie is continuing proof that there’s no magic to success.  It takes learning what you need to know from the best possible expert, clarifying any questions, then taking action.

It’s that last step that bites most people.

I read several marketing discussion boards.  One of the most common topics is the latest “product launch” and whether everyone should buy the product.  Product launches are taking place so often, and people are buying so many of these things, they couldn’t possibly have the time to focus in on one and put it into action.

But not Danie.  She recognized a system that would work for her.  Then she focused in one what she wanted to accomplish with that system.

No magic, just work.

One of my favorite quotes is from Thomas Edison who said: “Most people don’t recognize opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and it looks like work.”

Danie, I admire you.  There isn’t the slightest doubt on my mind that you are headed for the stars on an express rocket.  You’re my kind of people!  Great work.

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  1. Yves Marie Danie Baptiste Says:

    Yippyyyy! I’m a star, world! Today has been great. The locals
    commenting on my being on the first page of my newspaper. Everyone wondering how in the world I was able to do that.

    First, one of my stories hits Fox 5 TV news in January of 2008 and got Channel 9 news calling. The Daily News newspaper reporter interviewed and photographed me for the same story in January 2008. Yes, “The Daily News” contacted MOi. 2.5 million readers is their circulation. Who’s the man? me. lol.

    I got into a Japanese magazine for pet lovers as a feature story (I fight to protect the rights of dogs..I have a boxer). The publicity kept coming and coming.

    Paul, you’ve helped to make me a LOCAL STAR in my neck of the woods. Oh, this is only the beginning. Don’t be surprised if ya’ll see me jumping higher than Cruise on Oprah’s white couch in a few months.

    Now…..I’m going to turn all this publicity Paul has taught me into millions of dollars. Give me less than a year. 🙂 Man, I rock. Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful. haaa.

    p.s. yes, yes….I know..I know…geesh. She’s so arroggggggant.


  2. Yves Marie Danie Baptiste Says:

    yaaayyyyy…..I’m STILL a star. A whole minute later after posting!! I LOVE me.

  3. Robin Murray Says:

    That is great. With results like that you should be proud.

    I have used Paul’s system to get publicity a number of times and got very good results with the local newspaper, radio stations and even mentions in a couple big city newspapers.

    The one that I had the most success with was the political coffee bean poll that I learned from Paul. I stretched out publicity for two months leading up to our last provincial election. It was a very popular promotion to say the least. With this being an election year in the USA this would be great to do again for just about anybody to use.

    For everyone that bought your system and is not using it I would highly recommend to start to use it because it does work.

    And, for those that haven’t bought the publicity system and are still thinking about it, I suggest that you buy it and start using it because it is so easy to get publicity following the guidance that Paul gives.

    Action is what it is all about.

    Hope this helps.


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