I’ve told you many times that in order to get massive publicity, you have to give the reporter something. When you give him something, he’ll give you the fame, fortune, recognition, etc. that you want.

Now let’s make that a little more powerful. Let’s also refine the rule a little bit. Let’s change the rule to read “When you give something exciting, you get something exciting.”

Here’s an example to make this point clear.

In 1990 I wrote a book (now an audio book) called “How to Find the Love of Your Life in 90 Days or Less.” I also wrote a series of special reports to go with the book.

The content of the book and special reports is superb. They all do exactly what they claim to do – they help you find the love of your life very quickly and continue to build a very exciting, happy relationship.

I’ve used nothing but my publicity formula to sell the book and the reports…and I’ve done thousands of interviews on the topic. In fact, the book and reports are still sold today, over 20 years later!

Why would I get so many requests for interviews when there are hundreds of books and reports on the same topic?

Well, first, look at the title of my book – “How to Find the Love of Your Life in 90 Days or Less”. That’s a grabber and a great example of how important titles and headlines are.

Now, take a look at a few of the titles of my special reports:

* The Greatest Personal Ad Ever Written & How You Can Put It To Work for You

* The Dating Nightmare: How To Overcome the Anxiety You Feel When You Meet That Special Someone

* Why Health Clubs Are The Worst Places To Meet People…and How You Can Make Them The Best Places for You

* How Not to Kill a Relationship on the First Date

* Chinese Restaurants and 30 Other Improbable Places To Meet The Love of Your Life

They are absolutely irresistible!!!

When a reporter sees those titles, then reads the descriptions of the reports, he has no choice but to call me up for more information. The titles and descriptions of those reports are so exciting, he wants to know more.

He doesn’t want to call the other people who’ve written similar works, he wants to call me…because what he sees is exciting!

I haven’t spent one thin dime on advertising these products. I haven’t had to. They are so exciting that I get all the publicity I want, just based on the titles and descriptions. Thanks to publicity, I’ve sold loads of these products.

When I send samples of the reports to the reporters, they’re thrilled even more because the book and each and every report follows through on the claims I make. Not only are the titles and descriptions exciting, the content is just as exciting.

Not only am I giving the reporters something, I’m giving them something exciting. They reward me by giving me exciting amounts of press coverage – full color pages in newspapers and magazines; full hours on radio and TV – all to promote the sale of my products.

“When you give something exciting to the media, they give you something exciting in return.”

So the lessons in this message are:

1 – give reporters something exciting and you’ll jump to the top of their contact pile

2 – put a great deal of effort into your titles and headlines for anything you have, whether it’s a book, report, article, ad or whatever.

More publicity tips next time. See you then.


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