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Now, on to the topic for this issue.

I’ve told you how important it is that your press release be believable. Even if your astonishing claim is absolutely true, if no one believes it, you don’t get anywhere with the media.

Subscriber Pierre Hill came up with a superb example to illustrate exactly what I was telling you.

Here’s Pierre’s story in his own words:

Hello Paul:

I read your e-zine with great interest (as always) and it reminded me of the time I wrote and distributed a news release for one of our companies (I work for a holding company).

This company is a reprographics firm that also sells and services engineering copier and plotting machines.

The news release announced that the company named the #1 dealer of Xerox Equipment Systems in the country. That meant that a 25-man sales team from unheard of York, PA beat the pants off firms from Manhattan, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, etc. Not one newspaper ran the release because no one believed us.

Two weeks later I called an editor from our local paper and asked why the news release didn’t appear. She said she didn’t believe it and could I prove it. I put her in contact with the regional Xerox Sales Manager who confirmed the release. The following Sunday on the front page of the Business Section was a quarter page photograph and a quarter page article on our firm being named the #1 dealer in the country. I don’t know how else we could have stated it but my follow-up phone call made the difference.

All the best,
Pierre Allen Hill

Now don’t get overly concerned about your claim being unbelievable. That’s not the real point.

My point is that if you have an incredible, true claim, but the reporters aren’t banging down your door, they simply may not believe you.

What do you do then? Offer to provide the proof, just like Pierre did.

When I wrote the title and press release headline for my book “How to Find the Love of Your Life in 90 Days or Less”, I very carefully to chose the number “90”. Any less and it would’ve been too incredible to believe – even though the truth is that it takes less than 90 days.

Make it incredible, but make it believable.

See you next time!

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