In my last blog post I told you how to turn negative press into positive publicity. This time I want to talk about a very dumb stunt some people try to pull. Not only do they fail in pulling it off, they wind up getting banned from future publicity opportunities.

This started with a question I got from a subscriber. It’s so important I want to let you all in on it.

The question was ‘When you’re on a radio talk show, would it be OK to have a friend call and either promote your product or ask how to get in touch with you?’

The answer is NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!! Don’t even think of setting up a friend to call as a phony testimonial, to ask how to get more information or anything else of the kind. The chances are extremely high that you will get caught. And once you’re caught, you are a dead issue as far as the media people are concerned.

Most people don’t know that media people – talk show hosts, producers, reporters, etc. – have their own private information network.

When they interview someone who is especially good, they let the other people in the network know.

So, if you do good interviews, you may get calls from media people you’ve never heard of. They heard about you through their private network. If you’re a lousy interview or pull any unethical stunts, they’ll find out about them faster than you can possibly imagine.

This network comes in several forms. They have an Internet network. They also have newsletters and they talk to each other *a lot*!!!

So, to repeat, don’t try to pull any funny deals. You’ll get nailed. And once you’re nailed, you’re dead meat. Don’t do it.

Next time I’ll tell you the most powerful, easiest way to get the attention of reporters. You’ll be amazed at the power of this simple technique.

See you next time.



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