In the last issue I told you about the tremendous publicity opportunities the Christmas season offered you.  Hope you took advantage of them.


The AAA Auto Club certainly did.  They sent out a press release about not drinking and driving.


Now could anything be more obvious?  You could have a 26 I.Q. and know that drinking and driving is about the dumbest thing you can do.


But I saw that release published all around the country, giving AAA phenomenal publicity.


So how did AAA take a very routine “So what, who cares” subject and make it newsworthy?


They simply added a statistic that was readily available to anyone.


In their press release AAA warned about the dangers of driving while drunk.  They also informed people that 40% of all alcohol- related accidents happen during the week between Christmas and New Years Day.


Pretty darned simple, huh?  One tiny little statistic takes a routine story and turns it into a grabber.


How are you going to put this strategy to work for you?


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