Have you seen the December 24 issue of Time? If not, be sure to get a copy. It’s one huge publicity lesson.

First, at the top of the issue you’ll see the words: “Inside: The Top 10 of Everything of the Year”.

Then right under that line are the words: “Books, Movies, Sports, Songs, Theater, Religion, Breakups, Scandals and Much More”.

Great move. Don’t just say you have a Top 10 list. Say that you have the top 10 of EVERYTHING!

Then, take a look at that list below the headline. Hits just about everyone’s interests, right? Plus, it caters to the lower end of the social spectrum – breakups and scandals.

Once again, you may not like the idea that many people are obsessed with celebrity breakups. That doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that they are. If you don’t respond to that desire in your press releases, you lose.

Finally, inside, Time claims another title – they say they have “The BEST Top 10 Lists of the Year”.

Who said they have the BEST top 10 lists?

They did. Prove them wrong.

I laughed all the way through the issue while I admired their grasp on what people want and how society has changed from a being credential society to being a celebrity-obsessed society. (You did read my post about this, didn’t you?).

But, I hadn’t even come the biggest laugh and best part of this whole issue yet. Just when I thought I had absorbed all of the publicity lessons from this issue, I came across the last – and best one.

And I’ll tell you about that one next time.

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  1. Mike Duffy Says:

    You can read all 50 of TIME’s Top Ten Lists here:

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