My good friend Brian Kay told me a story about publicity that shows how powerful it can be…even if you do it entirely wrong.

There’s a woman who has done the talk show circuit for years. She’s been on just about every TV talk show you can name. She’s gotten millions and millions of dollars worth of publicity.

Now, for the rest of the story.

Even though she’s gotten on all of these major league shows, she has absolutely nothing to sell. No book. No CDs or DVDs. No home study course. NOTHING!

Apparently she does the talk show circuit for the fun of it and to boost her ego.

Now for the rest of the REST of the story.

Even though this woman did almost everything wrong, she just signed a $1 million
book deal with a major publisher!!!

Was this her original strategy? I don’t think so. If it was, I think it was a pretty stupid strategy. Sure, it paid off, but what if it hadn’t? Sure, she would have gotten the ego boost and fun she wanted, but not a dime in the bank.

She probably could have made several fortunes if she had good products or services to sell. Anyway, now she has a million bucks for her troubles.

Do you see how powerful being in the publicity light can be? This woman became so well known in the media that the “halo effect” swept her into a million dollar deal.

The lesson here? Learn how to use publicity…and have something to sell. If you have one without the other, you’re wasting your time.

Next time – why you MUST develop the “halo effect” in your business.

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