In the last post I told you about the first reason press releases get tossed in the trash. Let’s move on to the second reason.

The second reason press releases get trashed is that they are too self-serving.

Far too many people think the purpose of doing media interviews is to get attention for themselves or make sales of their products.

DEAD WRONG! That’s why they don’t get publicity.

A press release has one purpose and one purpose ONLY. That purpose is…

to get the reporter to call you for more information!

Then, the interviews you do have only one purpose. That purpose is…

to make the reporter look good!

The purpose of doing interviews is NOT to push your product. During the interviews you should be providing the reporter or talk show host with so much great information that they’ll look great to their audiences.

You may very well ask, “If I spend the interview time pumping out great information, how do I make sales?”.

This is exactly where so many people go wrong when they stumble along trying to make sales using publicity.

If you make the reporter look good by making his show or article interesting and exciting, he’ll do a sales job for you far better than you could do yourself. If you try to pitch your own product you’ll have two problems.

First, the reporter or talk show host will probably cut your interview short and never interview you again.

Second, you’ll sound like the same old salesman that people are exposed to day and night. You’ll simply sound like you’re going for their wallet.

On the other hand, if you do nothing but give out great information and the reporter or talk show host does the sales pitch for you, it’s no longer really a sales pitch, is it?
It’s actually a very strong endorsement from someone the readers or listeners trust.

Do they trust you? Heck no.

Do they trust the reporter or talk show host? You bet. Otherwise they wouldn’t still be reading their column or listening to their show.

Next post – the third reason most press releases are tossed out.

But until then, find out how to write powerful press releases that get results by going to:

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