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I don’t care how much free publicity you get, if you don’t get your contact information out, you’ve wasted your time. By “contact information” I mean your phone number, address, web site or whatever.

Without your contact information, how are people going to get in touch with you to buy your product or service?

Don’t tell me about the “great exposure” you got. Exposure is worthless. You want sales, not exposure.

“You’ll get great exposure” is one of the biggest sucker lines of all times. That bogus line is used to get people to do a whole variety of things for free (like speaking, giving away products, doing media interviews, etc.), when they should be making money. Sales pay the mortgage, not exposure.

My golden rule of free publicity (or, as Mary says, The Holy Grail of Publicity) is:

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I was flipping through some old news today and I saw a story that made me stop dead in my tracks and read every word. The headline was: Read the rest of this entry »

This is a reminder that our monthly Publicity Coaching Call is tonight, Tuesday, June 10.

This coaching call is only for my paid paper and ink newsletter subscribers.  There is no charge for the call except for your long distance charges.

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This month’s publicity coaching call will be this Tuesday, June 10.  I’ll be live on the call answering your questions about using my publicity system, questions about publicity in general or any other aspect of writing press releases, getting publicity, doing interviews and turning those interviews into more customers, more sales and more cash in your bank account.

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I broke one little bone in my right hand (I’m left-handed) and for the last six weeks my entire life has been shaken up.

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