I want to remind subscribers to my paid, paper and ink newsletter that in the current issue I’ve included a link for you to download my database of over 130 press release distribution websites.

Each site has been confirmed within the last few weeks.

Included in the database is the URL of the website, confirmation that they current offering press release distribution service, whether their service is paid or free and – a critical piece of information – the Google page rank of the site.

Why do you want to know the Google page rank? If when your press release is posted by these sites, they will create a backlink to your website. The higher the page rank of the site creating the backlink, the more valuable the link.

Backlinks are one of the factors Google looks at when they consider where they will rank your site in their search engine.

So, if you have a choice between two equal distribution sites, you would want to pick the one with the higher page rank, with 10 being the highest rank.

One word of caution – as soon as you get your newsletter, open it up, look at the yellow insert and get the download link. Be sure to download the database right away. It will only be available at that link until the end of the month. Then it will be offered for sale to non-subscribers.

If you aren’t a subscriber to my paid newsletter, you can sign up at:


Once you sign up, I’ll send you the link for the download. I’ll also send you a digital copy of the current issue of the newsletter.

That’s the news for now. I’ll be back with your next free Great Resource.


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